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Google’s Helpful Content Update: What You Need to Know

In September 2023, Google launched the latest Helpful Content Update. This algorithm update further boosts content that provides true value to searchers. Pages with thoughtful, useful information will see improved rankings. Content created just for SEO will be less rewarded.
The goal is to better satisfy search intent and give users what they are looking for. So focus on creating well-researched, accurate content that answers questions in depth. Helpful content:

  • Covers topics comprehensively
  • Is formatted for easy scanning
  • Uses plain, understandable language
  • Avoids fluff, repeats or padding
  • Uses multimedia like images, charts and videos
  • Is optimized for featured snippets

To make engaging, helpful content, put yourself in the reader’s position. Consider what information they need and the key questions they have. Conduct user research to identify pain points and knowledge gaps. Then address those clearly and directly in an authoritative, trustworthy way.

Keep content succinct yet thorough. Break up long paragraphs. Use formatting like bullet points, bolded subheads and tables to highlight key information. Check content for errors and unsupported claims. Cite sources where applicable.

Producing valuable content takes time but delivers results. At Skylab SEO, our expert content creators focus on providing genuinely useful information to serve audiences. We combine in-depth keyword optimization with extensive research on user intent. Contact us today for help improving your website’s content.

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